Curriculum Plan

The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Leadership and Management degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete 120 credit hours of course work with a grade of "C" or better. In this baccalaureate completion program, 60 credit hours are awarded for successful completion of an associate degree program in health or a healthcare-related field which includes courses in the major and general education. The completion program requires an additional 18 credit hours in general education and 42 credit hours in upper level major courses for a total of 120 credit hours.

General Education
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
One upper division level course in behavioral and /or social sciences 3
Two upper division level electives 6
MAT 310 Statistics 3
ENG 302 Professional Research and Reporting 3
Program Requirements
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
BUS 310 Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management 3
Major Requirements (Courses may be offered in a hybrid and/or web based format):
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
HSL 300 Introduction to Health Services Organizations 3
HSL 302 Methods for Health Services Research and Evaluation 3
HSL 320 Health Care Informatics 3
HSL 330 Human Resources Management 3
HSL 350 Leadership in the Health Service Industry 3
HSL 360 Internship I 3
HSL 400 Organizational Dynamics and Communications 3
HSL 403 Current Issues in Health Services Management 3
HSL 411 Legal and Ethical Issues 3
HSL 460 Capstone Project 3
HSL Program electives 12
Subtotal 60
Associate Degree Credit 60
Total 120
Program Electives
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
HSL 303 Healthcare Supervision 3
HSL 306 Healthcare Economics 3
HSL 340 Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations 3
HSL 341 Issues in Performance Improvement 3
HSL 402 Healthcare Policy and Planning 3
HSL 406 Long-Term Care Management 3
HSL 440 Management of Medical Group Practice 3
HSL 450 Management Problems in the Health Services Industry 3
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