Curriculum Plan

Pharmacy Technology Program
The Associate of Science Degree will be awarded to students who have successfully completed 66 credit hours of course work. This includes 21 semester hours of general education credits and 48 semester hours of pharmacy credits.

Fall Semester
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
BIO 100* Medical Terminology 1
BIO 163* Basic Anatomy and Physiology 5
PHT 110** Introduction to Pharmacy 3
PHT 120** Principles of Pharmacy Practice I 3
PHT 120L** Principles of Pharmacy Practice Lab 1
PHT 130** Pharmaceutical Calculations 3
Total 16
Spring Semester
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 English Composition 3
PHT 140** Principles of Sterile Product Preparation 3
PHT 140L** Principles of Sterile Product Preparation Lab 1
PHT 150** Pharmacology for Technicians I 4
PHT 165** ♦ Community and Home Care Pharmacy 6
Total 17
Fall Semester
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
PHT 210** Pharmacology for Technicians II 4
PHT 225** ♦ Acute Care Pharmacy (9 hours a week clinical w/online component) 6
PHT 240** Pharmacy Professional Applications 3
MAT 161* College Algebra or 3
MAT 1xx* Other Math (3)
Total 16
Spring Semester
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
PHT 235** ♦ Pharmacy Practicum (24 hours a week w/online component) 8
HUM Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
SPH 201 Communication in Business and Professional Life 3
PSY 101 General Psychology or 3
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology (3)
Total 17
Total Program Hours 66

All PHT courses offered in online format, with the exception of lab courses in bold.

♦ Indicates course requiring clinical internship experience.

* Program requirements: those courses designated by the program that provides specific knowledge that compliments or gives foundation to the professional discipline.

** Major requirements: those courses that are discipline specific and structured to satisfy the requirements of the accrediting body and prepare for certification.

Pharmacy Technology Leadership Certificate:
The optional leadership certificate will be granted to pharmacy technology students who successfully complete:
- the requirements of the pharmacy technology program
- HSL 300 - Introduction to Health Services Organizations
- HSL 350 - Leadership in the Health Service Industry
- Either HSL 341 - Issues in Performance Improvement or HSL 450 - Management Problems in the Health Services Industry
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