Curriculum Plan

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete 120 credit hours of course work with a grade of "C" or better. This includes 27 semester hours of general education/program requirement courses, 32 semester hours of major nursing courses and 61 transfer credits from an ADN or diploma in nursing.

General Education Courses
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
CAS 302 Research in an Electronic Environment 3
BUS 310 Introduction To Financial Management 3
HUM Humanities 3
ELECTIVE I 200 Level Or Above 3
ELECTIVE II 200 Level Or Above 3
Total 15
Program Requirement Courses
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 302 Professional Research And Reporting 3
MAT 310 Statistics 3
PHL 310 Ethics In Healthcare 3
SOC 313 Issues In Diversity 3
Total 12
Subtotal General/Program Courses 27
Major Nursing Courses
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
NSG 300 Nursing In Society 3
NSG 301 Health Assessment 4
NSG 303 Nursing Administration & Leadership 3
NSG 305 Health Policy 3
NSG 313 Nursing Informatics 3
NSG 403 Current Issues In Nursing 3
NSG 405 Pharmacology 3
NSG 407 Nursing Research 3
NSG 410 Health & Populations Service Learning Project 7
Subtotal Major Nursing Courses 32
Transfer Credit for ADN 61
Total Hours for RN-BSN 59
Total Hours for BSN 120
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