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Welcome to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences!

Meg Patchett, PhD Since 1942 more than 3200 graduates have successfully gone before you, arriving just like you, to pursue a career in healthcare. The road is not always easy. The academic rigors of any quality healthcare curriculum can pose challenges. But you don't have to do it alone. All of us at Cabarrus College are here to ensure you have a successful journey.

The first step on your academic journey is to familiarize yourself with the College by participating in this orientation program.

  1. You will see a number of topics outlined on the left hand column of this page (in blue). Please click on each of these topic areas and read through the material carefully, as these are the most important items to get you ready for the start of the semester.
  2. Please make sure you scroll to the end of each link/section or you may miss significant pieces of information!
  3. When you have completed all of the orientation topics, please click on the last topic (Completion & Confirmation of Participation) and take the survey (by clicking on the link). Only when you have gone through all orientation topics, taken the completion survey and submitted the results, will you have met your orientation requirements.
  4. Please remember, you must complete orientation by January 2, 2015. Failure to submit all required admissions material (outlined in the "Steps to Take Now" section) and complete the orientation program may result in the cancellation of your enrollment.
Remember, we're here to help! The faculty will provide you with a sound educational foundation and the staff will provide a wide variety of services, programs and activities. The rest it up to you... take advantage of all that is offered, take the initiative and get involved - in the classroom and out. You will not only enhance your personal growth and development, but you'll prepare yourself for the world of work and you'll be contributing to the quality of the Cabarrus College community.

My most sincere wishes for a successful and happy academic journey!

Christine L. Corsello, MS
Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
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