Office of Advising and Student Success

What we do

Provide advising services - assist students with advising or degree program questions, goal setting, course registration, referral to campus resources, and other services designed to contribute to their academic experience.

Advisors familiar with the College's educational programs assist students during registration periods. Other advising services include assisting students with Change of Major.
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Students with disabilities

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Office of Advising and Student Success assists students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities in fulfilling the fundamental requirements of the curriculum by accessing reasonable accommodations to ensure that they have equal access to educational opportunities at the College.

Students who wish to request accommodations should meet with the Coordinator of Advising and Student Success at the beginning of each semester to review their documentation and discuss their courses. The College requires that a copy of a recent assessment, completed by an appropriate service provider, be on file with the Office of Advising and Student Success. The assessment should include recommendations made by the service provider. All information related to disabilities will remain confidential.
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Student success services

The Office of Advising and Student Success offers the following services and programs to help our students be successful:
  • Tutoring services - Students may attend scheduled group Guided Study Sessions led by trained peer tutors or sign up for weekly One on One (1:1) sessions. These tutoring services are offered at no charge to the students.
  • The Alert Referral system provides faculty and/or staff the opportunity to refer a student to the Office of Advising and Student Success at any time during the semester, for any reason. It is recommended that all instructors make referrals at 4 weeks (Early Alert) for students who have a cumulative grade below 80. Students will have the opportunity to meet with the Coordinator of Advising and Student Success to develop a plan for academic success.

    At MidTerm, all students with a cumulative course grade below 80 are required to meet with the Coordinator of Advising and Student Success. Steps to success may include but are not limited to: conferences with academic advisor and/or instructor for individualized guidance or counseling; referral to group or individual peer tutoring; attendance at Student Success group sessions such as time management, stress management, memory, reading and note taking skills, and effective test taking strategies; and/or advisement regarding restructuring of curriculum plan.

    At this time students will work with the Coordinator to develop an Academic Improvement Plan outlining the specific steps the student has chosen to take.
  • The Office of Advising and Student Success also coordinates the ASPIRE program, a student success and leadership program for Associate in Science students. The ASPIRE program begins with ASPIRE Camp, held in the summer for incoming freshmen. ASPIRE II meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year and address topics such as Student Success, Career Success, Community Service and Leadership Development.
Students on Academic Probation are required to meet with the Coordinator of Advising and Student Success to develop an Academic Improvement Plan.

Please refer to the Academic Progression information in Student Handbook.
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