How to register via SonisWeb

Registration is the process of selecting classes for the upcoming academic term. Registration is handled through our student portal SonisWeb.

To access the SonisWeb homepage:
  1. Visit the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences SonisWeb website
  2. Click on "Student"
  3. New students will use their personal email address to access Sonis for registration until they are assigned a Cabarrus College email address. Once students are assigned a Cabarrus College email address, they will use their college email address to access Sonis for registration.
  4. Click on "Registration" tab (at the top of the page)
  5. Select the School Year and Semester from the down drop menu in which you wish to register, click "Submit"
  6. Click on the course(s) you wish to enroll and follow prompts
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Registration deadlines

Registration Deadlines - Summary:
  • Open Registration: Nov. 17, 2014 -January 4, 2015
    (Any incoming student not registered by this date may have their enrollment cancelled.)
  • Late Registration and Drop/Add period: January 5, 2015 - January 16, 2015
    (Students can drop and add classes as needed but are subject to a late registration fee if not previously registered)
During the registration period listed above you may add or drop a course as often as you wish, as space permits, without penalty or the need for advisor/instructor approval, etc. If you "drop" a course during this time, you will be considered "never enrolled" and no Withdrawals (W's) will appear on the grade sheet for courses dropped during both of these timeframes.
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Course schedules

Review the following: Dropping or adding a Course (Drop/Add)

During the registration period you may add or drop a course as often as you wish, as space permits, without penalty or the need for advisor/instructor approval. If your financial aid package has already been sent a change to courses after you are awarded financial aid can impact your awards, contact the financial aid office if you make changes after you receive your financial aid package.

Students may also drop or add a course during the first five (5) business days (or the equivalent) of a semester. Students cannot add a course after the 5th business day of the semester. For courses less than a traditional semester in length, the drop/add period without record of enrollment will be within the first two (2) class sessions. Faculty will publish this in the course syllabus.

The last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty is at the 60% point of the course hours. For semester length courses the date will be published in the College graudate academic calendar, the undergraduate academic calendar and the catalog. Faculty will publish specific dates in the course syllabus.

If a student drops a course during the drop/add period, they are considered "never enrolled" and do not count as withdrawals (W's) on the grade sheet.
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