Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is considered for courses which meet the following criteria:
- Courses must have the same semester hour (or equivalent quarter hour) credit.
- Courses must have the equivalent content as determined by catalog course description or evaluation by departmental faculty. Time limitations may restrict the transfer of some courses into the college if it is determined that course material is outdated. Computer technology courses over four years old and physical and biological science courses over five years old are not considered for transfer credit. If courses fall outside the timeframe, credit may be received by examination or on a case-by-case basis as a result of current experience in the discipline. Decisions regarding the transfer of credit for courses in certain programs will be made by the appropriate Program Chair, Registrar, or Provost.
- Transfer credit will be considered for international courses/degrees and for military services schools provided that the student utilizes an acceptable professional organization (e.g., American Council Education [ACE] Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, World Education Services [WES]) for evaluation of/conversion to college credits.

Applicants requesting transfer credit for courses in the major must also submit the following:
- Course description and/or course syllabus if the course has not previously been deemed "transferable" by departmental faculty evaluation.
- Results of pre-entrance tests/achievement tests given at the previous institution.
- Progress evaluation by a program official of the previous institution and statement of reason for transfer.

Transfer credits are not calculated in the student's grade point average at Cabarrus College.

Humanities Elective
Transfer credit for the HUM ELECT is limited to the type of humanities courses offered at Cabarrus College: ENG 210 World Literature I, HUM 200 Leadership Development Studies, HUM 220 Music Appreciation, HUM 310 Art, REL 210 World Religions and SPA201 Introduction to Hispanic Culture and Language for the Healthcare Professional.

All courses that are approved for the HUM ELECT transfer credit must have a cultural, historical/human element in the course description (or in the course objectives or Syllabi).

Life Science Time Limits
Life science courses at Cabarrus College will have a five year time limit from the date of enrollment into the college which cannot be appealed. The transfer time limit applies to General Biology I & II, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Chemistry I & II, and Medical Terminology.

Block Transfer Credit for Allied Health Diploma Graduates
Allied Health Diploma Students applying to baccalaureate completion programs at the College may receive block credit for a previously earned professional diploma. Block transfer is a process in which a block of credits is granted to students who have completed a certificate, diploma or some cluster of courses that is recognized as having an academic integrity that relates to a particular degree program. Generally in the block transfer the College grants two full years towards a four year degree program, with no additional requirements so that students attending full time should be able to graduate in a total of four years.
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