Each student and employee of the College as well as visitors parking a vehicle on College property will be required to obtain a parking decal (white) or temporary pass in the case of visitors, properly display the parking decal, and park within marked spaces in areas designated only for the decal issued.

Students and employees can submit a completed form to the Receptionist in the front lobby.

Visitors to the College must obtain a temporary parking pass from the Receptionist in the front lobby or make prior arrangements with a host department for a temporary pass. Temporary parking passes are not necessary Monday thru Friday after 4:30pm or on weekends.

Campus Parking Policies
Parking is available to employees, students, and visitors in front of the College building (Lot M). Parking spaces to the left of the College building when entering from Medical Park Drive are available to employees and visitors and those to the right are available to students. Visitors may park in any space reserved for visitors and so designated by signage or in any other available space within the College parking lot (Lot M). Overflow parking is available to any person in upper Lot M located to the far left of the College and separately accessed from Medical Park Drive (Campus Parking Map). For more information about the College parking policy see Parking Policy 07-08.

Students participating in clinical or fieldwork at CMC-NorthEast must park in Lot M.

Students, when working as CMC-NorthEast employees, must park in the designated employee lot and must display the appropriate decal for the area. For more information on CMC-NorthEast parking policies see CMC-NorthEast Parking Policy 2.25.

Handicapped Spaces
Handicapped spaces are available on the College campus as well as on the campus of CMC-NorthEast. Spaces are governed by state law and space use is enforced by safety and security officers. Neither the offices of CMC-NorthEast Security Services or Students Services at the College can issue handicap permits for these spaces, but they can provide information on how to obtain handicap permits.

Parking Violations
Faculty, staff, and students found to be in violation of the parking policies will be issued citations by CMC-NorthEast Security Services.
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